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NEW Lawn Pest Program

  • Applied monthly May-October
  • This program will help control ants, fleas, ticks, chiggers, chinch bugs and many other lawn insects.  Call for more information and pricing!

Our Yearly Tree and Shrub Care Program

  • Round 1 - Winter Dormant Oil and Insect Application
  • Round 2 - Spring Fertilizer and Micro-Nutrient Supplement
  • Round 3 - Summer Insect, Disease, and Nutrients
  • Round 4 - Fall Insect, Disease, and Stress Recovery Nutrients
  • Round 5 - Winter Deep Root Fertilization and Insect Prevention

*Pricing will vary if one-time applications are requested.

Annual Lawn Care Program

Choose a lawn company with fewer phone calls, less up-selling, and less hassle all around. H&H Lawn Service, Green for Green Inc. does five treatments a year, starting in January and ending in late November. These lawn treatments can be pre-paid for the year, or you can pay as you go, and credit card payments are accepted. The general schedule runs as follows:

  • Round 1 - Winter/Early Spring
  • Round 2 - Spring
  • Round 3 - Early Summer
  • Round 4 - Late Summer
  • Round 5 - Fall