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Keep Your Lawn Looking Lush

Choose a lawn company with fewer phone calls, less up-selling, and less hassle all around. H&H Lawn Service, Green for Green Inc. does five treatments a year, starting in January and ending in late November. These lawn treatments can be pre-paid for the year or you can pay as you go, and credit card payments are accepted. The general schedule runs as follows:

• Round 1 — Feb-Mar
• Round 2 — April-May
• Round 3 — June-July
• Round 4 — Aug-Sept
• Round 5 — Oct-Nov

Mowing & More

While H&H Lawn Service, Green for Green Inc. only provides lawn fertilization and weed control, we frequently do business with companies that handle mowing and landscaping. We can refer you to local landscapers and mowing companies that we're affiliated with to take care of additional lawn and garden jobs so you don't have to. Best of all, everything can be covered with one simple bill.

Healthy Grass